In our opinion at Casa Sol y Mar, you have many delectable options available when you decide to take your dining menu south of the border. We have some ideas about catering in San Diego that will leave your guests satisfied, yet still wanting more. We believe we can help you create the perfect Mexican dinner in San Diego for your guests, no matter what the occasion.
Consider Some of the Exciting Types of Menu Options You Will Have if You Consider Mexican Fare for Your Special Occasion’s Catering

There is always something that someone will enjoy when choosing Mexican food as your catering menu choice. Since it is a cuisine that features colorful vegetables, various spices and seasonings, melted cheeses and so much more, it is no wonder that it’s tough to find people who don’t enjoy at least a dish or two. Mexican food is perfect for graduation parties, birthdays, holiday parties, engagement parties, wedding receptions, retirement parties and much more.

Restaurants and caterers that treat their catering services as we do want to give you an event that you and your guests will remember for years to come. We want to help facilitate those memories through a combination of delicious food and a beautiful, warm and lively environment. Visit a hacienda-style dining spot that features lush and beautiful landscaping, intricately detailed wrought iron fixtures for lights and stair railings, gorgeously carved archways, strolling mariachis, and massive margaritas. The most important ingredient that we, and other caterers like us, offer you is a joyous environment where you and your guests can relax, dance around, or sit back and relax. Plan the type of event that you and your guests want to experience.

What Will Your Menu Look like and What Can You Expect from Us for Your Event?

Of course it is important to make sure you feed your guests, so the menu is critical. Each menu includes several appetizers, a main entrée dish, a side dish and salad. If you would like drinks and desserts, we are happy to provide those items and the services that go with them for an additional fee as a special order. We also provide the flatware and dishes as part of our services for your event. Additionally, we set everything up before the event and take it all down after the event is over.