Our restaurants are famous for strolling and delightful mariachis. They will serenade you with performances on Thursday through Sunday evenings and during special events, completing the cultural experience.

Lively & Festive Mariachis: Thursday – Sunday 5-9 p.m.

Mariachi: Folk Music of Mexico

Mariachi folk banks are common sites in Mexican restaurants.

Typically, the band serenades an entire dining room, but often, it can even be prevailed upon to visit an individual table for a special song. Today, these bands usually sing and play guitars, but sometimes, they also have other instruments. While this folk music originated in Mexico, it is common to hear it when visiting a good Mexican restaurant in San Diego and other U.S. cities that are near the border.

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Where Did Mariachi Folk Music Originate?

Even before the Spanish, native people had their own music and native instruments. These instruments included horns made out of shells, drums, and other percussion instruments. The native music may have been mostly religious. Later, the Spanish brought string instruments, woodwinds, and brass. Over time, these gradually replaced the native instruments. At first, these were also incorporated into Spanish-style religious masses, but later, they moved into secular music as well.

Very quickly, the native people and people of mixed native and Spanish descent picked up the string instruments, and in some cases, they even learned to make these instruments and adapt them to their own styles of music. Different styles of regional folk music developed, and eventually Mariachi was born in Jalisco in the 1700s.

The origin of the name has been forgotten. Some theories include that it came from a French word for marriage, the name of a local tree that produced the wood for guitars, or was derived from a popular festival. Either way, the style of music evolved to reflect local culture and became very important. While most people associate Mariachi with love songs and ballads, there have also been satirical and political songs, and at certain times in history, the authorities tried to censure these bands.

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Enjoy Mariachi with Us

We hope you visit us at Casa Sol y Mar for authentic Mexican food, drinks, and entertainment. We are an especially popular stop for happy hour in San Diego. Enjoy special drinks and dishes while soaking up the music of the finest Mariachi music north of the border.

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